What is a Practitioner Session?

A practitioner session assists an individual in changing their life from the inside-out. It focuses on the premise that one’s beliefs have power, and are in fact responsible for what they are experiencing in their life. Some beliefs may be supportive and be producing the results one desires, and other’s may be interfering with their life.




Kathy Scharmer, RScP
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Lucy Witt, RScP
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Life is a journey that takes us through a maze of challenges; these can always be resolved with prayer. As a Licensed Practitioner for over 15 years, I know the value of Spiritual Prayer and Meditation. I am here to assist you in your spiritual journey. 


Paul Witt, RScP
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A practitioner session assists an individual in praying: to convert failure into success; to transmute disease into life-giving wholeness; to neutralize the effects of fear and sorrow through an inner awareness of joy, peace and love.  Also, swapping old ideas for new ones and allowing the spiritual flow of love to take place. 


Bobbie Boldy, RScP
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