Many Faiths, One Truth


Part of manifesting a world that works for all includes honoring all faith traditions and walks of life. 

We at the Center for Spiritual Living Peninsula have great respect for all.  We believe that God is personal to all who feel It’s indwelling presence.

We have heard of answered prayer occurring for people of all faith traditions and conclude that your faith and your belief in a God of your understanding leads to the manifest realization of a life that you truly love, or, your prayers answered.  While our understanding of God may be different, it is our belief in the One Thing that is in and through all religions or faith traditions, that is the God which answers all of our prayers.

We can take a premise from each faith tradition and use them as we like and then discard that which does not work for us.  For example:

  • Judaism tells us that there is only one God.
  • Christianity tells us that you can have a personal relationship with it.
  • Hinduism tells as that it has many faces and many voices; and yours is one of them.
  • Paganism tells us that everything is interconnected.
  • Taoism tells us that once you name it you leave others out.
  • Buddhism tells us that there is suffering and that the cause of that suffering is attachment; the cure is detachment.
  • Islam tells us that the way to get out of that suffering is through spiritual practice.
  • Religious Science says, that’s not all, there’s so much more!!